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Blue Roller Ball Oil

This highly penetrating combination of organic and peppermint oils will strengthen and help the nail plate to structure it's self. recommended for Nail Biting. Take seconds to apply Go for it.

Product Code BRB01


Red Roller Ball Oil

The Red organic oil is ideal for dehydrated worn down nails as well as acrylic , gel or fibreglass overlays. Healthy nails are strong and will have that glamorous look with just a roll of this oil.

Product Code RRB01


Try Size Nail Oil

This highly penetrating combination of organic oils will quickly eliminate problems with your nails.

Product Code TS02

1/8 oz

Larger size of Red & Blue 1/2 oz, handy to refill with.

RED Product Code ROL33

BLUE Product Code BOL44

1/2 oz

All our Oils come in clear cases.

Three Way Buffer
Limited Edition!

A comfortable and lightweight professional buffer. Will smooth the tiniest rough edge to a perfectly filed nail and comes in it's own clear carry case.

Product Code TWB05



Travel Soak Off Kit
A handy kit for a busy girl about town.

Bottle Acetone based remover 30ml.
Finger Pot
Orange Stick
Information Sheet
All in a clear carry pack.

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Product Code TSOK06


Seven Step Repair Kit
Need to fix your own nails? This is for you!

Brush on Glue 6gr.
5 Sheets of pre-cut Fibreglass
Pot with Acrylic Powder
Three Way Buffer
Orange Stick
Step by Step information sheet
All in a clear travel pack

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Product Code SSRK07

3 Week Waiting List


"Enjoy Creating Your Own Look With Amazing Nails"